Picking Losers: Free Markets be Damned: the Coal Must Roll

So remember all that stuff that Republicans have always said about how encouraging new technologies is “picking winners”,  we need to honor the invisible hand of free markets,  the pillars of our economic system,  yadda yadda?

In the face of the greatest economic opportunity of any generation, when the US is placed to lead the world – technological, economically, and morally – the ruling party’s default mode is greed, propping up the Old Order, and insuring the advantage of the powerful.

In the end, it’s Big Donors Uber Alles.


Trump administration officials are making plans to order grid operators to buy electricity from struggling coal and nuclear plants in an effort to extend their life, a move that could represent an unprecedented intervention into U.S. energy markets.

via Picking Losers: Free Markets be Damned: the Coal Must Roll | Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Fascism is not only about corporations controlling governments, but also about monopolies destroying all sense of a ‘free market’ in favor of absolute control via the selfish, narcissistic, racist, greedy 1 percent, like Trump and the billionaires he surrounds himself with.

Ego based losers pick losing strategies, like coal, oil, gas, nuclear, trade wars, tax breaks for billionaires, etc..

As the 1 percent profit, the 99 percent loses, and extinction tipping points accelerate.