Trump pours kerosene on the global trade wars

“This is deeply disappointing, to try to prevent this we are working with the steel industry, and the U.S. and our European allies to find a solution to this,” Fox said during a Sky News interview.

“A trade war will be bad for consumers on both sides of the Atlantic,” he said.

The action on tariffs came a week ahead of the Group of Seven meetings in Canada, where Trump is likely to face the ire of other world leaders. The tariffs go into effect Friday.


via Trump pours kerosene on the global trade wars | TheHill

As prices increase after July 1 for average consumers, the ire Trump is starting to feel will only accelerate. Prices have already increased for gasoline, health care, and real estate. There is a breaking point and America has reached it.

Tariff based trade wars are bad for the whole world and everyone in it. Negotiations are the key, not tariff impositions.