Facebook Is Teetering at the Top of the Beanstalk

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Facebook and other social media were supposed to foster community and give a voice to the greater masses. This was the appeal of social media in the first place. In case Mark Zuckerberg or Twitter’s Jack Dorsey forgot – we made you, and we can break you. The recent move by Facebook to censor ads on a whim should beckon entrepreneurs to create a totally agnostic platform outside the U.S. domain.

I started my writing career providing web content for entrepreneurs engaged in online commerce. As my expertise and writing improved, I came to be considered one of the best technology analysts in the world. By the time Web 2.0 rolled in, the landscape of media began changing on a daily basis. And within this atmosphere of paradigm change, people like me not only tested all the startup innovations, we became the lead evangelists that informed the general public of…

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