The Hidden Stakes Behind Venezuela’s Presidential Election

Electoral analyses attest to the fact that the level of participation was all the higher where the constituency represented the poorer voters.

The same studies show that only voters above the age of forty actually went to the polls – younger voters were almost entirely absent. This indicates that the young expressed their lack of interest for politics or had followed the instructions of the pro-US opposition, while those who knew Venezuela before the Bolivarian Revolution were motivated to vote.

And indeed they had to be motivated, not only to make the journey to the polling stations, but to support Nicolás Maduro despite the general collapse of the economy! The most disadvantaged, those people whose monthly salary no longer allows them to buy a kilo of meat, were proportionally the most numerous voters. This means, contrary to what the United States had hoped, that the Venezuelans do not hold the Maduro administration responsible for their economic catastrophe. They are continuing the combat engaged by Hugo Chávez to liberate their country from US imperialism.

This anomaly is the consequence of the sense of national solidarity which developed during the 18 years of the Bolivarian Revolution. It makes any foreign military intervention into the country difficult.

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US corporate for profit policy has always been and will continue to be against any country other than Communist China which has a socialist view of things, which directly benefits the people, rather than the 1 percent.

What happened to the war on Communism?

Why is the US now waging war on any country that is socialist, but allies and best buddies with autocratic, dictatorial top down 1 percent controlled regimes like Communist China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam?