California Approves $738 Million Transportation Electrification Initiative

California’s utility companies are directly involved in the effort to cut emissions. The state legislature in 2015 passed a bill requiring that 50% of all the state’s electricity come from renewable sources no later than 2030. There are signs the state may meet that goal earlier than anticipated.

At the end of May, the California PUC approved a sweeping initiative proposed by the utility companies it regulates that will push the cause of vehicle electrification forward farther and faster than anyone thought possible. “What we’re seeing is one of the largest and most well-thought-out approaches to advancing electrification of vehicles,” Adrian Martinez, an attorney for Earthjustice, tells Greentech Media. “I think a lot of other utility commissions and other folks across the country are going to be looking at this.”

The nuts and bolts of the new initiative are as follows: Pacific Gas & Electric, which serves the San Francisco Bay area, will invest up to $236 million in infrastructure, including $22 million for 234 DC fast chargers at 52 locations within its service area. There will be rebates available for up to 6,500 medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles, such as trucks, cranes, and forklifts at 700 commercial and industrial sites.

via California Approves $738 Million Transportation Electrification Initiative | CleanTechnica