All Things Sacred

When we think of politics, economics, or education, sacred is probably not the first word that comes to mind. And yet, resacralization of our systems and institutions, not to mention our rivers, forests, communities and actions may be what is needed most in this chaotic hour.

Disconnection from the sacred underlies  our most wickedly complex problems. When we divorce our actions from a deep-felt sense of union with all Life, competition alone drives ‘progress’. The pursuit of unity – spiritual progress – requires cooperation.

In this newsletter, Glenn Aparicio Parry explains how “many of our (country’s) most cherished precepts were adopted from the living example set by the Iroquois and other northeastern tribes, beginning with the very concept of uniting separate nations, or states, into a larger entity. The model for this was the Iroquois Confederacy.”


All Things Sacred

2018-06-05 – Kosmos Journal