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By and large, the world, as it seems to be, just doesn’t have a clue as to the Vastness you are. Foolish world. The world may still be waiting for that which you already exceed. Go further than the world can add or multiply. The world seems to be more skilled at subtraction and division. It’s not that the world cannot see. The world sets lesser priorities. The world does not see far enough. The world settles for dross. You are far greater than what the world commonly takes into account. The world just doesn’t see far enough. The world simply doesn’t begin to dream enough. The world means to be realistic and so it thinks it runs on the basis of reality — so it thinks.

As it is, the world does not begin to ask for enough. The world runs on tiddlywinks when it is capable of climbing the highest mountain and on to the furthest stars and galaxies of Heaven. The world sets its virtual reality too low. To climb the highest mountain does not ask for enough. You are so close to the apex of all possibilities. You scale the heights, yet you come in at the last like a caboose. The world has forgotten what you are on the verge of. It is true that you do not ask for enough. There is much more for you to ask for right off the bat. You timidly would ask for what is already yours if you would dare to go that far. Of course, ask for more. Ask for more. Ask now. Ask to reach higher than the apple or the pear at the top of the nearest tree.

Right this moment, you open the dimensions of the world. Open the dimensions wide. Dream of the Vastest of the Vast. You have greater than the world to reach for. Reach higher than high. Stretch your boundaries. No longer settle for less.

Beloved, you are the asker who asks on behalf of the world entire. My children already have the moon and the stars. Accept greater right now. Accept the heights of Heaven. As My guests, accept the Bounty I give you from My Heart.

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