Only A Very Few Items Seized During The Raid Of Michael Cohen’s Office Are Privileged

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By Order of Appointment, dated April 27, 2018 [Dkt. No. 30] (the “Order”), the Court appointed the Hon. Barbara S. Jones (Ret.) as Special Master to render decisions regarding “privilege issues related to materials seized in the execution of certain search warrants executed on April 9, 2018 (the “Seized Materials”).” See Order at 1… The materials seized were from Trump (Organization) lawyer Michael Cohen

Here it appears clear that only 0.005% of the contents are Privileged and/or Partially Privileged and 7 are Highly Personal: “Contents of Two Phones and an iPad: Out of 291,770 total items, the Special Master agrees with the Plaintiff and/or Intervenors and finds that 148 items are Privileged and/or Partially Privileged and that 7 items are Highly Personal…“.

However, here below, we are told that of 639 items that 14 items are Privileged and/or Partially Privileged. And, that 3…

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