Whoever Controls the ‘Programming’, Controls the World

A lot of the people who used to advance perspectives which ran against the grain of the political orthodoxy at MSNBC like Phil Donahue, Ed Schultz and Dylan Ratigan have vanished from the airwaves never to return, while reporters who consistently keep their heads down and toe the line for the Democratic establishment like Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid are richly rewarded and encouraged to remain.

The disempowered want change; those in power want predictability and consistency. The more you can guarantee predictability and consistency to those in power, the more those in power will reward you.

Those who report the news and shape public narratives are of particular interest to US oligarchs, who bought up the old media long ago and are doing everything in their power to secure influence over the new media as well. Pundits like Joy Reid are some of their most valuable assets, and they protect those assets accordingly. Because whoever controls the narrative controls the world.

via Antimedia Whoever Controls the Narrative, Controls the World

It is more about what is NOT covered, than about what is covered in the mainstream news. Anything that is pro corporate or pro 1 percent is allowed. Just about anything that may have a negative impact on huge corporations or the billionaires at the top of the pyramid of power, is TABOO.

When is the last time you heard any anti war, anti nuclear, anti fossil fuel, anti monopoly, anti 1 percent control of government or media, pro renewable energy, pro 99 percent news items? Anyone who dares talk against wars does not last long, as Phil Donahue and others prove. Being against war and for peace is bad for the military industrial complex, which makes BILLIONS in PROFIT from human suffering, misery and death.

These and many other things are not covered or talked about ON PURPOSE, because they would upset the ‘programming’ of people’s minds.