Trump to face lion’s den at G-7 summit | TheHill

President Trump will walk into a lion’s den of angry allied leaders at this week’s Group of Seven summit, where he is expected to face a firestorm of criticism over his decision to hit them with steep tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Trump’s decision to levy tariffs has rankled allies and created divisions in the longstanding relationships. It’s creating a stark contrast from the last decade of G-7 summits, which generally have served as opportunities for the world’s seven largest economies to close ranks on major political and economic issues.

Washington’s moves have brought the closely linked nations to the brink of an all-out trade war, setting the stage for a showdown in Quebec and one of the most difficult G-7 meetings for a U.S. president.

via Trump to face lion’s den at G-7 summit | TheHill

An all out trade war is just another negative tipping point leading to the collapse of many interlocking BUBBLES.

Watch for it..