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There are the languages of the world, and I love each language. Each language arose from the land and air and the Sun from which each language sprouted and each human Being, and, of course, every particle arose from My Love. All is as it should be. I love all languages, and I love all people. All are One with Me. I created One Being as if a Coat of Many Colors. In this sense, you can say I am color-blind.

I do not look at My Creation as a box of chocolates where I would have to pick and choose My favorites. Rather, each chocolate in its little pleated wrapper would be My favorite. It is not My desire to grade by any distinctions. I much prefer to love all shapes and sizes as One Big Love. I ask you, whom would I not love? What a silly question. For Heaven’s Sake, why on Earth would I make a decision to pick and choose, as if I would ever choose to separate? No partitions for me. Preposterous. I do not waffle.

I never could quite fathom why some of My Beloved Children, absurd as it is, would covet some colors and reject others. I still shake My head over this, for this makes no sense to Me. Why does it make no sense to Me? I am a God of love, or I would not be a God. To conjure any reason not to love is beyond any path I can walk. The intelligent and natural path is to love all. This is as true for you as it is for Me. You may be sure I love all. Loving all means just that. I love all colors, and I love all those who may object to one color or another. With love, comes freedom.

Free yourself from any chains that bind, and you will love as I do love as easily as the Sun shines. It is easier to love all than to make distinctions. I have no desire to be haughty. I much prefer simplicity and humility. Of course, I do not make distinctions. Can you not laugh with Me? I don’t stylize love. I just love, and that’s it.

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The highest, lightest and most powerful form of love is UNCONDITIONAL love.