Anthony Bourdain Was a Champion of the #MeToo Movement

“In these current circumstances, one must pick a side. I stand unhesitatingly and unwaveringly with the women,” he wrote. “Not out of virtue, or integrity, or high moral outrage — as much as I’d like to say so — but because late in life, I met one extraordinary woman with a particularly awful story to tell, who introduced me to other extraordinary women with equally awful stories.”

He went on:

“Right now, nothing else matters but women’s stories of what it’s like in the industry I have loved and celebrated for nearly 30 years — and our willingness, as human beings, citizens, men and women alike, to hear them out, fully, and in a way that other women can feel secure enough, and have faith enough that they, too, can tell their stories. We are clearly at a long overdue moment in history where everyone, good hearted or not, will HAVE to look at themselves, the part they played in the past, the things they’ve seen, ignored, accepted as normal, or simply missed — and consider what side of history they want to be on in the future.”

Bourdain has said that his reckoning was largely spurred by witnessing firsthand the experiences of his girlfriend, Asia Argento, one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers. Just this week, he told IndieWire how proud he was of Argento’s Cannes speech calling out Harvey Weinstein’s enablers. “It was absolutely fearless to walk right into the lion’s den and say what she said, the way she said it,” he said. “It was an incredibly powerful moment, I thought. I am honored to know someone who has the strength and fearlessness to do something like that.”

via The Cut Anthony Bourdain Was a Champion of the #MeToo Movement

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