Anxiety, Heart Problems, Chest Pains, Cancer from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) But “No Proof of Harm” Says Industry

For many years medical experts have been warning against keeping cordless phones and cell phones near beds due to radiation and blue light. Exposure to this can be especially hard on children. This may be why Silicon Valley parents have been limiting their kids’ exposure to new technology for many years already.

Cordless landline phones also emit Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) so it’s really important that they aren’t near beds either.

If parents in Silicon Valley are concerned enough to limit their children’s exposure, it’s a safe bet that you should be doing so also. After all, they should know.

Heart Problems

Dr. Magda Havas, who has been studying and reporting on the dangers of cellphone/WiFi radiation for some time, has also written about how WiFi devices can actually affect the heart. In a study by Dr. Havas and her colleagues at the Ramazinni Institute which was subsequently published in the European Journal of Oncology, an experiment demonstrated a clear connection between such radiation and irregular/rapid heart beat.

In a discussion of the study on Dr. Havas’ website, it is stated clearly that:

According to this research, some individuals are hypersensitive to microwave radiation and respond when they are exposed to levels well below federal guidelines (5 microW/cm2 or 0.5% of guidelines in Canada & U.S.). During real time monitoring of the heart some individuals experienced an irregular heart rate or a rapid heart rate that occurred only during provocation and not during sham exposure (when the radiation was off). This is the first study showing such dramatic and repeatable resul

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