Holtec VP Says Spent Nuclear Fuel Can’t Leak Because It’s Not A Liquid! An Engineer Who Has Never Heard Of Gas, Radiation Leaks, or Flat Tires?

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Joy Russell of Holtec Nuclear waste cans, who has worked for them for over 21 years, and is supposedly a West Point Mechanical Engineer, does not know that gases such as air, natural gas, and helium can leak? She thinks only liquids can leak? She helped design the Holtec spent fuel casks, which are “backfilled” with helium gas.

Ms. Joy Russell is currently Holtec Nuclear Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Communications. She says she’s been there for over 21 years. At approximately 11 min, 15 sec to 18 sec she makes an incredible WTF statement: “I would like to point out that spent nuclear fuel is not a liquid, it can’t leak.” Link – https://youtu.be/GKZwsukGQSU

Life experience, the dictionary definition of leak, and the US NRC indicate otherwise. Not only is she old…

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