Microwave Radiation Research Consumers Need To Know Before Embracing 5G Technology

However, there are several specific studies performed using various low level µW/cm2 I’d like to bring to your attention:

1 – 0.13 µW/cm2
Radiofrequency radiation from 3G cell towers decreased cognition, well-being. Zwamborn, 2003. https://www.rsm.govt.nz/projects-auctions/current-projects/preparing-for-5g-in-new-zealand/folder-potential-health-effects-of-5g-technology/attachment-3-submission-261.pdf

2 – 0.168-1.053 µW/cm2
Irreversible infertility in mice after 5 generations of exposure to Radiofrequency radiation from an ‘antenna park’. Magras & Zenos, 1997. https://www.rsm.govt.nz/projects-auctions/current-projects/preparing-for-5g-in-new-zealand/folder-potential-health-effects-of-5g-technology/attachment-3-submission-261.pdf

3 – 0.16 µW/cm2
Motor function, memory and attention span of school children affected in Latvia. Kolodynski, 1996.

Resource: Power Density: Radio frequency Non-Ionizing Radiation [14 pages with hundreds of citations] http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

4 – 60 to 100 μW/m2
Whole human body chronic exposure to base station Radiofrequencies showed increased stress hormones; dopamine levels were substantially decreased; there were higher levels of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline; and chronic physiological stress was produced in cells after 1.5 years. Buchner, 2012.

Source: Reported Biological Effects of RF & Microwave Radiation Power Density μW/m2

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