New Battery Chemistry Promises Better EVs

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We sometimes hear that the need for expensive or toxic materials in lithium Ion batteries is a drawback or limitation on electric vehicle adoption.

Important to understand that the battery chemistry we have today is not the chemistry of tomorrow, – rapid change occurring.
Technology. Who’da thunk it?


With cobalt prices soaring and ethical questions about artisanal mining continuing, Panasonic has announced that it is in the process of developing cobalt-free EV batteries. Panasonic, the world’s largest automotive lithium-ion battery manufacturer and Tesla’s exclusive battery cell supplier for the Model 3 sedan, produces the cells at the joint Gigafactory 1 in Nevada.

Cobalt material is commonly used in the production of rechargeable batteries for a wide range of consumer electronics devices, stationary energy storage units, and electric vehicles. The cathode materials of batteries typically contain the rare metal cobalt, such as in the form of lithium cobalt oxide…

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