Oneness Speaks

Herewith Oneness Speaks.

What did you think? That I could forget about you or lose My interest in you? Definitely not. You and I cannot be separated. The fact is that We, you and I, are eternally connected. Separateness is no more than Let’s Pretend. Separateness has nothing to do with True Reality, which is the Reality of Life as I see it. If either of us is missing out on something, it isn’t I, My Darling. You may believe you know the score, yet you are often behind. Get back in sync with Me. My palms are open to you. Be open to Me.

Openness is a great step forward in life. Any part of life that you resist wastes your heart. Could it be that you have strayed from My immense love for you? It is My joy to take you by the hand and carry you away with Me on land and sea. I take you with Me happily in My Heart. Join My entourage of Love. I will set you straight, young lady or young sir. You are cordially invited to follow Me wherever I take you.

What is yours to surrender is any turning of your face away from Me. When you have a sinking feeling that you are missing something, most likely, you are missing out on Me. Come back to where spontaneity is Ours and where We abound. Give yourself a second chance. Restore yourself to Peaceful Waters. Come. Come with Me. The water is fine. You are fine. We are fine. Relax your back. Swallow life down nice and easy.

You are getting ready for your sweet debut. We’re going to say adieu to all the past. You are ready to restart your motor. You are already on target. Happiness is yours. All you require is your own license to zoom ahead. I set no speed limit. Take your cues from Me.

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