A Gift for You

A Gift for You

It can also be that life holds more for you up its sleeve than you had given a thought to.

There is more than one choice of flour these days from which to bake bread, and more than you had ever heard of before. In fact, there is more under the Sun that is new than you had realized.

Your thoughts are not obliged to ramble on as if you have no say. When your life is a course for you to follow, then follow it. See where life takes you. What can you not discover when you earnestly open your heart?

Bewilderment doesn’t last forever. There is more to life than you have yet seen. There is no end to surprises before you, yet there is an end to the concept of calamity.

Go ahead, install joy into your computer. When you start up your computer in the morning, discover what life opens up before your very eyes. Be My Guest. Here is a welcome mat I lay down for you. Come. Come with Me. Here is My hand. Take it. Open up the Universe. Know My gratitude, Bright Eyes.

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