June 12 Energy News


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¶ International scientists have discovered that most of the oldest and largest African baobab trees have died over the past 12 years. They suspect the demise may be linked to climate change, although they have no direct evidence of this. The tree can grow to an enormous size, and may live hundreds if not thousands of years. [BBC]

Baobab trees (Getty Images)

¶ In a study published in the journal Science Advances, a team of MIT researchers said 39% of all the freshwater withdrawn from rivers, lakes, and reservoirs in the US is earmarked for cooling at power plants that use fossil fuels or nuclear power. They devised a way to recapture some of that water vapor with a process they say is cost effective. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Finland’s VTT Research Centre of Technology found that new wind power technology enables higher towers, longer blades and reasonable efficiency…

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5 thoughts on “June 12 Energy News”

  1. How could u support the evil troll bastards on enenews. This country is so far gone. Few, if any alternative progressive websites left since net neutrality gone. This country is a radioactive evil nightmare


  2. Maybe not you. You are a good person. The inet is already mssing up from trump screwing net neutrality. Tried to post something different.

    The enenews admin purposely stopped posting, because of the attacks traced to trolls from the ukraine. Trolls, bringing the site down. The current batch of troll political operatives and ringers are all that is leftin the rotten chatbot and trolly threads. Things that lie and threaten about climate change, being real. Lie about nuclear waste blowing up from radioactive decay. Float awful bullshit hormesis lies. endless rightwing-garabage which means pronuke partisanship.Things, that somehow always seem to say nuke weapons et al are ok. Or the ones who always comeup with bombs set off by aliens that cause nuclear reactor failures. Could not actually be, that nuclear reactors are all giant piles of flawed junk in the first place. America is in its worst shape in history.


  3. Maybe I am sensitive. It seems when I try to post here or, on a google site it fragments my post or dumps it. Enenews was the premier site for fukushima. Others can go there if they want. Nuclear-news.net , A green road daily news , helen caldicott, mining awareness are the few sites left. Fukushim scoopit gone. Green sites are deranked by google. It is just sad. So very sorry Dr. Goodheart. My Brother passed from cancer. I feel it is nuclear related. There is no reason for it!

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  4. So sorry to hear about your brother. Condolences. There are so many deaths that are not necessary. Nuclear anything is anti life, because it is all about negative transmutation, which is radioactive heavy metal poison, no matter what form it is magically created into by the nuclear cabal. The sooner this ‘toy’ is put away, the better.


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