Bird Song | Heavenletters

Bird Song | Heavenletters

All aboard! Beloved, today is about to begin. We are taking off for Heaven today. Today is a day secured with blessings. A blessing here, a blessing there, blessing, blessing, blessing everywhere. Sweet blessings all day long. What else but blessings? Blessings are Manna from Heaven, and Manna from Heaven is for you. I leave a trail for you of Manna from Heaven to bring you to follow Me today. Manna from Heaven replaces bread crumbs. Follow Me. Sing a Manna from Heaven song.

Why not? Do you have ave anything better to do? That you are busy doesn’t excuse you. This morning, birds are busy singing. Birds are intent upon singing. Birds are meant to sing, and so are you. No more from you like:

“Aughh, it’s too early to get up.” No more putting the pillow over your head. Get up, Bucko. Sing and dance into your day. Have something you look forward to getting up for.

Today is a new day for you to greet. Hop to it.

Today has come all the way from Heaven for you. Are you really meaning to push this Fresh from Heaven Day back? There is no holding back the dawn from where I come. Wake up today with Me. How about it?

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