June 16 Energy News



¶ “100% renewable energy, no net metering caps and more in Massachusetts Senate bill” • A bill passed last night in the Massachusetts Senate removes the state’s caps on net metering, sets a 100% renewable energy mandate, boosts the state’s energy storage procurement target to 2 GW and more. But can it pass the House? [pv magazine USA]

Massachusetts State House
(Marco Almbauer, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Despite Tariffs, Solar Energy Is Cheaper Than Ever” • The cost of solar power continues to fall to new lows in the US, even as tariffs are imposed in favor of keeping the coal and natural gas industries afloat. One expert pointed out that it is cheaper to build a new PV plant than just to operate an existing coal or natural gas plant. [The Weather Channel]

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¶ A special issue of the journal Nature is…

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