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Yemen – The Starvation Siege has Begun

The problem is that the Saudis plan a starvation siege on all territory held by the Houthis and their aligned forces.

There are some eighteen million people living in those territories. Eight million of them are already on the border of starvation. The Saudis want to take Hodeidah to block food access for the people in Sanaa. If they succeed, or if the harbor infrastructure gets damaged by fighting, the eight million will probably die and another ten million will also be in imminent danger.

The Saudi media are not even shy about the intent. Liberating Hodeidah is a must for cutting the Houthi lifeline headlined the Arab News. Asharq Al-Awsat opined that the operations is necessary to “tighten the siege” until the Houthi “surrender to all conditions and resolutions”, “hand over their arms” and “leave Sanaa”.

The Yemeni lawyer Haykal Bafana points out that the Saudis used the same strategy in 1934 during a border conflict with the Imamate of Yemen. Back then the Saudis occupied Hodeidah and starved the population of Sanaa, the seat of the Imamate, until Yemen gave up. This is what they want to repeat:

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Trump and his followers are all ok with this starving of millions of people. Genocide is starting today, and the US is once again responsible for it, participating in it, and supporting it, plus the millions of refugees that will be fleeing the country.

Of course, the US will take none of the responsibility for creating a refugee crisis of 65 million people globally today, as it refuses to take in any of those displaced, bombed out civilians, including children.

In addition to the war on terror, the war on drugs is also creating a huge amount of suffering, death and refugees, but instead of helping those affected, refugee asylum seeking children are put in dog kennel style prisons, forcibly removed from their parents.