Be Happy to Run Around the Block with Me | Heavenletters

Be Happy to Run Around the Block with Me | Heavenletters


Beloved, your Godwriting comes as it comes, and so does everyone’s Godwriting come as it comes. No one is to praise himself nor to smote himself, nor is anyone to critique another’s Godwriting. Godwriting comes in all shapes and sizes. Remember, the Godwriting you receive is from God. In this sense, all Godwriting is hands-off to what you may make of it. If I were to give a solid instruction on how to Godwrite, I would say: “Hey, welcome the Godwriting I give to you.”

Your very first sample of Godwriting doesn’t have to be a marvel, for then you might set up high expectations when, as a God receiver, you are meant to be an impartial receiver. Your purpose isn’t to favor one Godwriting over another. Certainly it’s not your business to qualify or disqualify what you hear Me say.

Yes, you will have your favorites. No one will disbar you from Godwriting because you do. No one says that the Godwriting that comes through you has to be the best Godwriting ever. Be a happy receiver of whatever you hear Me say. Godwriting isn’t your talent show. Love what you love, and be open to what I give you.

I am not a racehorse that you egg on to beat previous records. Simply be happy to run around the block with Me. The process of Godwriting is for you to hear Me – plain and simple. You are not looking for fame or fortune. The personal gain that is yours is to hear Me. No pedigree has to come with it.

Godwriting is simply what it is. Godwriting isn’t a process whereby you show off for ego’s pleasure. Be at peace with Godwriting. Write for the joy of hearing what you hear. Beloved, you are here right now to serve Me. You aren’t here right now to look for the pride of the litter. Be My pride and joy and no less nor more.

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Whatever you feel led to do by the HEART, without hurting or killing others is ‘Godwriting’ on your heart. Follow your HEART, your BLISS and do what is your heart’s passion. Let it FLOW.