Declining IQ: A Race to the Bottom?

Declining IQ: A Race to the Bottom?

It goes without saying that these general population studies of intelligence trends do not begin to capture the tragic circumstances of children with specific intellectual disabilities such as, in some cases, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or fragile X syndrome (FXS). A recent study by neuroscientists at the University of California-Davis rhetorically posed the parental question, “What will my child’s future hold?” After assessing the IQs of children with ASD at ages two and eight, the Davis researchers found that IQ declined in about 25% of the children over the six years. Studies of children with FXS also have shown that IQ may decline over a relatively short period of time.

And the possible causes of falling IQ are…

Although researchers have speculated on possible contributors to the disquieting IQ trends, few have come up with any meaningful answers. The puzzled investigators of the 2008 Danish study stated, “the declines…seem to be real,” but “it is not easy to account for them.” Another group of authors vaguely discussed four causes ranging from the “cultural-environmental,” to statistical, biological or “hybrid” explanations.

In addition to prevalent toxins such as flame-retardant chemicals, heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum represent another category with documented detrimental effects on intelligence.
There is another far more concrete possibility, which is the impact of environmental toxins on IQ. In addition to prevalent toxins such as PBDEs (flame-retardant chemicals), heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum represent a category with documented detrimental effects on intelligence. Vaccines are one of the most widespread and ongoing sources of prenatal and childhood exposure to these metals. Prenatal exposure—as occurs with the mercury-containing flu shots and aluminum-containing pertussis vaccines now routinely administered to pregnant women—is particularly dangerous as early exposure can impair subsequent growth and development of neurons. The U.S. requires the largest number of vaccines for school entry of any developed nation, although compulsory vaccination has been trending upward in Europe as well.

Childhood brain disorders can have subclinical effects at the individual level that translate into large population-level effects.
Future challenges

Childhood brain disorders can have subclinical effects at the individual level that translate into large population-level effects. Harvard researcher David Bellinger believes (as quoted previously by World Mercury Project) that “Even a modest impact that does not push a child’s neurodevelopment into the range of clinical concern cannot be dismissed as benign because, if the exposure is prevalent, the total number of IQ points lost in the population as a whole might be large, and the reduction in the intellectual resources available to a society substantial.” Researchers already are openly expressing concern about the potential for a mismatch between available cognitive abilities and “the expected larger demand for non-routine analytical-cognitive jobs,” noting that “cognitive tasks at the workplace as well as in daily life and in organization, maintenance and especially innovation are rising.” Predictions that the U.S. is “on the decline” may come true unless decisive action is taken to ensure safe vaccines and eliminate children’s cradle-to-adulthood exposure to the intelligence-harming toxins contained in vaccines.

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  1. More likely the exponential increase in heavy metal and other radionuclides in the environment. 170 million americans drink water heavily contaminated with radium and other radionuclides. Fragile x is from a single strand chromosone anomoly, like cystic fibrosis. These anomalies have increased a thousand times since the thousands of nuclear detonations in the 50s and 60s, the massive uranium mining, reactor meltdowns, hundreds of reactors, nuclear waste everywhere, fracking, thorium welding rods, amreicium smoke detectors, rad medical and rad waste in landfills.The nuclear security state controls studies on radionuclide toxicology and epidemiology. Their models only allow for exposure to external radiation.almost all the studies are censored or not done. Most research about any deleterious effects of radionuclides, on the human body through exposure or bioccumulation probably came from army files injecting people with radionuclides in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s. There is little access.

    The Who, is controlled by the iaea(international atomic energy association). The nuclear security state or states, have vice grip control over research adionuclide toxicology and epidemiology. Have for 75 years.

    At the rate things are going, the massive widespread radionulide pollution, will kill us long before global warming, or vaccines, or chemicals. Does not matter if you are in the s hemisphere or not. Strontium 90, uranium, radium go into bones. They are definitely present enough in the world, in peoples bodies to be causing major damage to that part of their immune system. Are causing massive increases in birth defects autism. They use radionuclides to sterilize food so the saturation or radionuclide in our water is likely sterilizin our guts and, effecing our immunity from there too.

    Anyone born from 1952 to 1963, was massive irradiated in their mothers womb. Irradiated by dispertion of massive amounts of radionuclides (and it does not take much) from the thousands of bombs detonated around the world. There was also the purposeful and accidental, meltdowns of hundreds of dozens of reactors. People born then, late baby boomers, had their stem cells severely damaged in utero. Their life expectancy is 65. Ten year lower than the previous group. Many die of cancer before or close to 65. Probably similar for generations thereafter. One’s previous lineage of genetic well being, will not save you

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