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Today is for something and not nothing. Yes, today is a free ride, and yet you don’t just sit there. You have a once in a lifetime adventure before you. You are not baggage in this day. You are an artist and writer of days. You are not solely a passenger. Get up front and steer your day Heavenward. I am on the lookout for you.

If today is for you to do as you will, what do you will? What would you like this day to look like? What garden would you like to plant? What would you like life today to look like? What is all this that you would like to get done? And what would you be delighted to have appear before you? What would you like to realize that you have never realized before? What matters to you today? What are you here for to make today divine?

Surely today is more than a day to get through. This could be a day to be agog with. Why not? Today is a day of all possibilities. Pick one! Pick two! Pick three! Possibilities are not endings, you understand. Pick beginnings! What if the world is your oyster? What could this mean to you?

Climb high. Do not fear the heights. Do not lay low. Here is one wonderful day like another arrow in your quiver. What do you aim your arrow at?

Love? Merit? What form might joy take for you today?

via Up and Away in My Beautiful, My Beautiful Balloon | Heavenletters