US Remains Complicit in ‘Ghastly’ Sexual Torture at Secret Prisons in Yemen

US Remains Complicit in ‘Ghastly’ Sexual Torture at Secret Prisons in Yemen

Human Rights Watch described the expose in a 2017 report. “The details are grotesque: prisoners in these centers were ‘crammed into shipping containers smeared with feces and blindfolded for weeks,’ beaten, and trussed up on a ‘grill’ — a spit like a roast to which the victim is tied and spun in a circle of fire.” The report also noted that detainees “were also sexually assaulted, among other forms of abuse.”

The investigation found 18 “clandestine lockups” in southern Yemen operated by the UAE or Yemeni security forces following an extensive investigation that included talking to former prisoners, the families of people in detention, attorneys and Yemeni defense officials.

The torture practices go way beyond waterboarding. “Grilling” involves tying individuals to skewers and twirling them over fires, according to the report. Detainees are shuttled to black sites located within airports, military outposts and even inside nightclubs. The Yemen probe may reveal only part of the secret operations. Select detainees have also been sent to an Emirati base in Eritrea, Yemen Interior Minister Hussein Arab said last year.

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Why is there no mention of any of this by Trump or his favorite entertainment outlet; FOX?

And then a person can wonder as the US withdraws from the UN Human Rights Council; how and why did that happen?

Is there a connection to this withdrawal from the Human Rights Council and the US support of torture by the best friends of the US, such as Saudi Arabia, which is known for beheading anyone critical of the despotic KING?

Communist China is also a best friend of the US, and it is also a despotic, human rights violating country, which allows no freedoms or basic human rights to it’s citizens. The leader of that country just appointed himself to life as effective dictator in chief, and Trump applauded this leader.

Israel is effectively a racist Apartheid state, led by an authoritarian regime, and it is best friends with the US and Trump, with the Trump regime never uttering a word against the human rights violations that Israel is guilty of front, left, right and center.

Got denial?