Above the World

Above the World

Beloved, the physical body integrates itself fully into the Universe. Every part of a human body connects to every other. The ear is connected to your balance! Sound and sight and taste and smell and touch connect you to the outside world.

Furthermore, you are connected to the trees and the stones and humanity as a whole. You can look at yourself as a branch on a tree and know that blossoms plucked from you also serve a purpose. You exist for good reason, yet everything exists beyond ordinary reckoning. You exist as a blessing.

Each body on Earth connects to water and air and to the well-being of the entire Earth and children born or yet unborn. Everything influences everything else in the world from here and there and all-around the mulberry bush. If the body can be unified so, imagine how Souls unify in Holiness.

Oneness is all at once and eternal.

Of wondrousness is Oneness made! Oneness arose first. Never, no, never, was Oneness compiled in a machine shop and figured out later. From the beginning, I created My children as good as gold.

It could be said that existence arose as one sovereign burst from Our One Self. It is possible – what is a also possible is that this sovereign burst could be interpreted as the actuality of the Big Bang!? Why not?

Why look for intricacy when Oneness is simply One? Where there is Oneness, Oneness alone is.

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