GOP goes full fascist but the media stays on the baby jail story

GOP goes full fascist but the media stays on the baby jail story

Caving on his sadist border policy did something new. It exposed Trump’s base to his profound weakness.

The president fears nothing more than appearing weak. This is not (only) about ego. This is about utility. How do you inspire enough confidence in someone to get them to hand over their money, trust, and votes? Appearing strong is more important to the con artist than actually being strong. Appearances are truly all that matter.

The appearance of strength has been Trump’s greatest political asset, but that has always depended on television media playing along. TV media stopped playing along—could not continue to play along—when images and audio emerged of toddlers wailing inconsolably for their moms and dads. Once the TV media stopped playing along, the president was on his own. The president—surprise!—looked isolated and weak.

And he did all on his own…

I have argued a few times that the president’s weakness will be his undoing. The appearance of strength is the truly only thing that matters to his constituency. They don’t care that he’s a fraud. They don’t care that he’s corrupt. They don’t care about budgets. That don’t care about values. They don’t care about threats to democracy.

They do care about the president punishing people whom they believe do not belong in the American franchise, people whom they believe threaten the privilege, status and power that generally come from being white. This week, they saw something new: Their Great White Hope was not only bloodied. He was knocked out cold.

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Fascism is still rising due to the 45 ‘zero tolerance’ policy, which makes ALL immigrants into criminals, despite the law assuming that they are all INNOCENT ASYLUM SEEKERS first and foremost.

Whatever happened to the Constitution guaranteeing the right of everyone  to be innocent, until PROVEN to be guilty of some crime?