How to treat Trump and his supporters – Shame them, shun them, and show them the door.

Rubin isn’t alone. There is a Sea-Change-Movement happening that is finally gaining a foot-hold: One Cannot Stand Silent and Watch Atrocities With the Excuse of ‘Tolerance’, or even reticence and fear (David Axelrod, I’m looking at you). The Washington Post entered the discussion today, and is calling for “civility” and to “Let the Trump team eat in peace.” I say no. None of the children, or their parents, or their family members, or a sizable number of ICE officials who hate the child separation policy are able to eat in peace. They aren’t sleeping in peace, walking in peace, or working in peace. The babies and children ripped from their parents will likely have life-long damage to their physical and mental health. There is no reason—none—that the Trump administration has given to institute this inhumane policy except that it is a cruel “deterrent” to migration to the US.

Calling out evil before us isn’t “uncivil,” but should not devolve into vulgarity. Monsters should not be given a peaceful dinner, a peaceful workplace, a peaceful walk in the park, or a peaceful evening at home until they stop their monstrous actions and defense of those actions.

via Daily Kos How to treat Trump and his supporters – Shame them, shun them, and show them the door.

Call out darkness, fear and hatred for what it is. Supporting racism, bigotry and fascism is being part of it.

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  1. Every time the truth rears its ugly head like trumps child abuse and torture the deepstate trump troll spooks like snot, gizzz, air sep stick come out in force on enenews to rally the supposedly antinuclear trumpo fuko supporters. No wonder admin walked away. Just evil beyond imaginable


  2. I have a friend in the North. She had the bad luck of having a run-in with a child trafficer, in Arizona in the 1980’s. She said the child trafficer was a psychopath. She said he got children as they crossed the border. He also bought them in from south and central america.

    She said he sold them in various parts of the United States. She said the trafficer kept the children in cages, until they were sold. Not unlike what trump is doing. She had to get police protection to leave Arizona. She was also, later interviewed by the FBI. Trump is a monster!

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  3. Trump and his fascist devils, have also declared open season on all endangered species in american national parks. On all endangered species in the world the world too.declared war on the bison in yellowstone. Bobcats, cougers, even bears wolves and caribou in alaska and american national parks, public lands, and national monuments. Bears and wolves, that are almost extinct in the loweer 48. What a bunch of evil despicable bastards


  4. The right-wing deep-state elements and neocon elements have been priming the pump for Mr. Trump since at least 2009. I refer to the Tea Party, which was represented as a purely grassroots movement, but was in fact heavily funded by libertarian billionaires, planned and orchestrated by Dick Armey of FreedomWorks, and publicized constantly by the corporate media. Who could resist watching the sensational Sarah Palin, after all? (see T. Skocpol and V. Williamson, Oxford University Press, 2016)
    There were a number of deep state trolls from there that infiltrated enenews along with the nazi space alien types that claim the nuclear reactors cannot blowup by themeselves. And notice how all these bastards are trump supporters. The space farce fuko the clown cadet TRUMP who is invoking coldwar laws to subsidize nuclear power. Fuko the clown encourages japan to open more nuclear reactors. ALLOWS RADIOACTIVE food to come in from Japan. Never brings up Fukushima. Is all with the tokyo olympic in tokyo and fukushima. Is all with forcing nuclear refugees back to the most radioactive places on earth around fukushima. He is right there with abe old trumpo the fascist. Trum encourages the epa to allow more than the already 400 % more radioactivity than there should be for 170 million americans drinking radioactive water. Trump also has allowed the mining uranium again in the grand canyon and other national monuments. How much worse can it get?


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