Yemeni Suffering Made Easy

The Saudi and UAE-led operation to retake the rebel-held port city of Hodeidah, which could jeopardize the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians, represents more than the latest tragic chapter in Yemen’s civil war. It is the fully expected outcome of several Western nations’ complicity in a multi-country assault that has made Yemen the world’s largest humanitarian disaster.

The recent attack on Hodeidah is both a function of Western arms support and a feature of longstanding Western political programming that has sustained the coalition’s attack on the country since a bombing campaign began in 2015.

For the last several years the US, UK, and France have all greenlit arms sales, refueling missions, and special forces guidance to the coalition with few, if any, conditions. The operation in Hodeidah is no different, where French special forces are already on the ground and the US is providing intelligence and aerial refueling to assist the coalition. Since the beginning of the Saudi-led campaign in Yemen, the results of American, French, and British arms and support have led to the bombing of funerals, weddings, markets, hospitals, schools and other public spaces populated by civilians. The latest bombing of a wedding party (because there have been more than one) killed twenty, including the bride herself.

via Counterpunch Yemeni Suffering Made Easy

Guess where the 65 MILLION REFUGEES globally are created?

In countries like Yemen, US made bombs are destroying millions of civilian homes and communities. Once homes are destroyed and violence takes over a community, refugees are created.

But the US will take no one in, unless they have at least a million bucks and they are WHITE. These 65 MILLION refugees are all ‘criminals’ in the eyes of Trump and his like minded heartless Libertarian focused pro war Neo Cons.