Turmeric and omega 3s can cure diabetes – but you’ll never hear that from your doctor

Study after study has found that turmeric has strong anti-diabetic properties. In a recent report, the University of Newcastle’s Professor Manohar Garg explained how the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric make it particularly suited to fighting type 2 diabetes. After all, the disease’s root cause is systemic inflammation that affects insulin function and secretion.

Professor Garg is currently running a randomized and controlled trial to test how turmeric and omega-3 fatty acids can help manage diabetes. Because these two options have different anti-inflammatory mechanisms, he wants to see if they could have potential treatment synergies that outperform their individual effects and find out more about how they could complement one another. He believes the combination could be just as effective as drugs in managing diabetes, with the added benefits of being safe and free of side effects.

One of the most important studies on turmeric for diabetes was published in the journal Diabetes Care in 2014. That study found that the extract of turmeric was 100 percent effective in stopping pre-diabetes from progressing to full-fledged type 2 diabetes. The study, which was carried out by researchers in Thailand, was a double-blinded, placebo-controlled, randomized trial that looked at 240 people who had pre-diabetes. After taking 250 milligrams of curcuminoid, the main polyphenol in turmeric, or a placebo capsule for nine months, their diabetes progression was assessed. While 16.4 percent of those in the placebo group had gone on to develop type 2 diabetes, nobody who had been taking curcumin was diagnosed with the illness.

Meanwhile, in a study spanning two decades that involved more than 2,000 participants, Finnish researchers found that those who consumed the highest amounts of omega 3 fatty acids from fish oils or fish had a remarkable 33 percent lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes, and other studies have supported the finding that this nutrient is a powerful tool in the diabetes fight.

via Turmeric News Turmeric and omega 3s can cure diabetes – but you’ll never hear that from your doctor