GOP Senator on Russian Election Hack: Hey, Everyone Does It

Asked by The Daily Beast to clarify his comments later on Thursday, Shelby said: “I think people try to influence—well, in probably different degrees—our foreign policy, influence our foreign policy, influence different things. They have lobbyists. They have everything. They have propaganda—even some of our allies.”

Asked if his comments appeared to excuse the Russian interference, Shelby replied: “I didn’t say they were all the same. I didn’t excuse anything. I was just stating the reality of it.”

Shelby’s comments echoed Trump’s infamous “you think our country’s so innocent?” line after Bill O’Reilly called Putin a killer. And they came shortly after the White House confirmed Trump will meet with Putin in Helsinki on July 16.

via GOP Senator on Russian Election Hack: Hey, Everyone Does It

Russia hacked the 2016 election, and that more than likely decided the outcome due to poor voter turnout with less than 50 percent of all voters turning out.

Then the Republicans who went along with Russia and got paid off by Russian oligarchs, and are now defending the treasonous act of not allowing the people’s voice to be heard, because, well, EVERYONE DOES IT.

WRONG! Everyone does not commit treason.