Caught Up in the Oneness

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Oneness camps out and sleeps under the stars. Under the stars, you and I as One – Oneness catches on. That which you had thought of as you – you begin to get the idea that somehow you never missed a trick really, that you have always been on a lark. No mistakes were taken into account or ever made or substantiated. You never fell by the wayside. In truth, you are essential to a symphony in a summer concert held in the park.

Every blossom on Earth falls at the right moment. The breeze blows the blossoms back up. Summer looms large. Truth be known, you were always on vacation. Ever were you a hummingbird humming in mid-air, dancing to the tune of glory in excelsius. You round curves and finally are caught up in God. You fly off and land in style and are unbounded and make home runs to beat the band to the tune of your heart.

You wake up to find yourself swaddled in more love than you can contain, yet always were you love alone. You are filled to the seams with love, yet you are seamless with love and God. There is no such thing as hindsight or foresight. Only beauty is to be seen, and you are beauty to behold. You cover the ranch. You take to the sky. You are whisked into Heaven. It is impossible to stay away. No one wants to leave. It dawns on you the miracle of your Self and Oneness and Beingness altogether. You are constant.

You discover yourself mid-air. You can’t get out of it. You realize you have always been a beautiful mountain stream. You are all the beauty you ever thought of without cease. Let’s face it! You are a dream come true. You are It – Oneness Proliferate.

All you have to do is to touch your heart, and what you think appears. This has always been so. Now you are better at better thoughts, higher thoughts, thoughts worth thinking of. You twirl them in front of everyone. Oneness thinks of wonders alone, and wonders are.

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