Trump, Obama and the Nature of Fascism

Trump, Obama and the Nature of Fascism

Fascism evolved out of the need to neutralize strong mobilizations of the working class, so for instance, Hitler’s antecedents, the Freikorps, developed out of the struggle against the proletarian revolution which took place in Germany in November 1918, as they helped suppress the uprising, murdering its leaders, most famously Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. Mussolini’s movement and his Black Shirts evolved out of the need to destroy a very powerful workers’ movement which had formed works councils amid sweeping industrial unrest in the north in cities like Turin during the early twenties, and a Socialist Party which had hundreds of thousands of members.

In the case of Hitler himself, in combating a militant, highly industrialised German working class, he had not only forged his own party apparatus, but had amassed a personal army of hundreds of thousands of troops in 1932 (the year before he took power) – an army not only separate from the national army but also one far greater in number. He was able to do away with the liberal democratic institutions because of this, and because the ruling elite backed his play, for they themselves felt that the working classes were a threat to the capitalist system per-se and could no longer be contained within the parameters of parliamentarianism.  Fascism, then, is the most extreme, barbaric and lethal form of counterrevolution which involves crippling every democratic expression of the masses through the most prolonged and bloody form of open civil war.

via Counterpunch Trump, Obama and the Nature of Fascism

Fascism is defined as corporations taking over control of the government, while leaving the people out in the cold, with no control, no impact. Currently, that is the status of the US government.


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