Confederacy Of Congressional Traitors In Moscow For July 4th; R Now Means Russian Rather Than Republican It Appears: Shelby, Thune, Kennedy, Moran, Hoeven, Granger, Johnson, Daines Are Their Names

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What to say? A Confederacy of Russian Senators and one Republican Congresswoman in Moscow on July 4th, led by R. Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama? Obviously they are not US members of Congress. Does the “R” by their name stand for Russia, rather than Republican, now?

Abe Lincoln is past worn out spinning in his grave over today’s so-called Republican party. Do they think that US national day is now June 12th, as in their Russian motherland? This was the first Congressional delegation to visit Russia since Russia took over Crimea in 2014. How many died during WWII to protect against such invasions by both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia?

So many dead during the American Revolution, War of 1812 and US Civil War for a bunch of cheap prostitutes to sell the country out!

Here are the eight:
R. Sen Richard Shelby of Alabama
R. Sen. John Thune of…

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