Will More Kindness And Less Hate Work In Today’s Cruel Heartless World?

More Kindness, Less Hate – Karma Yoga Daily

I often wonder why people avoid kindness. Looking back, I wonder why I’ve avoided it in the past. Why do we build up resistance to kindness in favor of anger and cold-heartedness? My best answer is that it threatens the ego. To be kind is to put someone else’s needs or wants before your own. This denies the ego its self-centered satisfaction.

For this reason alone, many people go out of their way not to be kind. There’s a pervasive idea in our society that we must be tough and disconnected from any part of ourselves perceived to be weak. Unfortunately, in our world, kindness is weakness. Why be kind when you can gain more from putting yourself above others? Why risk appearing polite and thus exploitable?

This mindset has helped us survive throughout our rough history, and in many ways, it still applies today. Personally, my philosophy is that kindness should come with just enough of a hard edge that people don’t take your niceness for granted. The last person you want to be is the one everybody takes advantage of because you’re too polite to stop them.

The aim is to create a world where we no longer have to worry about this. We can be kind and be ourselves without the threat of anyone making us into anything less. In this ideal world, kindness is inherent. Selflessness is normal, and we replace the apparent need to put each other down with the inclination to help each other thrive.

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