Update: Midwest Utility Says Goodbye to Coal, No more Gas, We’re Going Solar

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

I posted a video interview last week with a Resource Planner for Michigan’s largest electric utility – Consumers Energy – in which she described the decision to forego new gas turbines, in favor of solar, some wind, and efficiency.

Above, a recent local television spot describes further the steps to shut down coal plants.  The goal is 80 percent carbon reduction by mid-century – which is not enough, to be sure – but it’s hard to overestimate the significance of this change, which has really happened at light speed (in utility terms) over the last several years.

Here’s the Resource Planner, Jessica Woycehoski.

It’s part of a larger, international trend.

Utility Dive:

Despite pronouncements from the White House, that preferred mix is no longer a portfolio based largely on coal and nuclear energy. Both those resources have seen their market share undercut by cheaper natural gas in recent years, pushing…

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