Typhoon Maria Is Bearing Down on Japan, Category 4 and 5 Storms Have Tripled In Number

Typhoon Maria Is Bearing Down on Japan

A study published in 2016 showed that typhoons hitting Asia over the past 37 years—a period of reliable satellite records—have become up to 15 percent more intense and the “proportion of storms of categories 4 and 5 having doubled or even tripled.” That change is largely driven by rapid intensification becoming more common owing to rising ocean temperatures. The research indicates that climate change will only make this trend more common for storms in the vicinity of China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

Climate change could also be playing a role in the increase in rapid intensification for hurricanes in the Atlantic basin according to other research, making coastal living an increasingly risky bet.

via Earther.com Typhoon Maria Is Bearing Down on Japan