Wonderfulness is on Its Way to You | Heavenletters

Wonderfulness is on Its Way to You | Heavenletters

Consider yourself beginning to reach the height that your life is rising to. Yes, your life is just beginning. It has begun, and more is coming forth toward you over hill and dale. You are ready. Take a breath, because blessing upon blessing is upon you. Your life is going to spill over with splendor. You have been waiting when you didn’t have to wait so long at all. You were waiting here for the culmination of your and My dreams for you. You have just begun. Your waiting days are about over. You are past waking up as a hurdle. You are beginning to wake up once and for all. You may have thought you were impatient. You have been too patient.

I don’t tell you to cook up a storm. I suggest you just open your eyes. You are! You are getting ready to accept abundant goodness and know that all this readying goldenness is meant especially for you. Let’s call this your Own Awakening for what you are born for, yes, for you.

You have been waiting for a Pot of Gold from God to arrive to you now splendidly. You have been waiting for what I, too, have been waiting for you to receive. Now life will unfold beyond your dreams. You have dreams waiting to catch up to you. This is a foregone conclusion. You have dreams that are just about to become Earthen. Pick them up.

I speak of dreams beyond the ordinary. You have always been worthy, yet you haven’t quite grasped this at its full value yet. Probably, you have read and listened to off-putting ways. No longer. Let’s shake hands on this.

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