Detained 1-year-old ‘cried hysterically,’ immigration judge ‘embarrassed’ to ask baby legal question

While the child reportedly was calm through most of the hearing, he “cried hysterically” when he was handed to another adult for the few moments needed as the caregiver collected the child’s diaper bag. Highlighting how much of an absolute catastrophe having a government being run by narcissistic incompetent asshats was this exchange, when the Judge Richardson brought up the need to prioritize family reunification:

Richardson repeatedly told the Immigration and Customs Enforcement attorney who was acting as the prosecutor that he should make note of the cases involving young children because of the government’s obligation to meet the reunification deadline. The attorney said he wasn’t familiar with that deadline and that a different department within ICE handled such matters.

ICE spokeswoman Jennifer Elzea said the attorney was familiar with the injunction but didn’t know the specifics of the timeline requirements off the top of his head “and did not want to misspeak about any timeline commitments without that knowledge.”

Trump and Sessions seem to have really “streamlined” the process of violating human rights, but have zero ideas on how to streamline doing the bare basics in fixing their morally repugnant actions. The best that the Trump administration has been able to do is tell people that there are “under 3,000 children” detained away from their families, and with more and more children appearing in courts by themselves, the level of psychological child abuse being performed in the name of the United States is horrifying.

via Daily Kos Detained 1-year-old ‘cried hysterically,’ immigration judge ‘embarrassed’ to ask baby legal question

Fascism rising;  here is the direct evidence of Trump and his cabal, which makes them guilty of kidnapping, extortion, child abuse, putting children in dog kennel like cages and worse…

Where are the girls and female babies? No one has seen or heard from them.