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You may long for time, or you may wish to avoid it, yet willy-nilly, time seems to haunt you. You never get the better of it. Of course, you can’t catch up to what is made up in the first place. Of course, time may plague you – that is, you may feel plagued by time. Certainly, time gives you a run for your money.

For something that doesn’t exist, time gets lots of attention, and you get fooled right and left. You step right up as fast as you can and are always taken aback at what seems like a loss. If time doesn’t exist in the first place, why spend time worrying about where it goes?

You don’t catch up to time, and you don’t always surpass it. Time is flimsy. Indeed, time pulls the rug out from under you. You really wouldn’t give two cents for time, although you sometimes feel you would give a lot for even a little more of it.

In truth, love is on a continuum, even as you may be sure that love has passed you by, while at the same time, you weep for it.

Truth be said, time gets under your skin and seems to jiggle you around.

Timelessness goes under the full name of Infinity. In Infinity, you get your money’s worth. In Infinity, you are never charged by the hour. As silent as Infinity is, Infinity stays by your side. Yes, Infinity exists, yet you don’t quite wrap Infinity around you.

It does, indeed, seem that you are more aware of the passage of time than you are aware of Infinity.

In a sense, Infinity has no playing field. There do not seem to be edges or moments to Infinity. If you were more acquainted with Infinity, you might believe in it more. As it is, you can’t touch it and catch up to it even as Infinity is real and no fooling.

Infinity embraces you. Infinity is secure. Not that you can run off with it. Infinity must be what peace looks like. Is there really peace on Earth as it is said it is in Heaven? What is the story here?

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