Oneness; Hallowed Be Thy Name

Hallowed Be Thy Name | Heavenletters

We are a mutual offering. There is only One in the whole Universe. I have not made a dozen or a million or more of Me – just One in My completeness. I look into the mirror of Myself, and here I Am, you and I as One beautiful Being. You are ready for your Self and ready for the Oneness of Me as I display My Self in you.

What could be easier than Oneness? There isn’t much to it. You don’t have to pat Me on the back. Pat yourself on the back, even as the reality is that One and One is One. There is no doubling. The addition and multiplication and subtraction and division are awry. They are a fly in the ointment.

There is one Whole. There is no accounting or mathematics to fiddle with. Of course, I understand that you have thought otherwise. In fact, I keep telling you that Oneness Alone Is. Hunting for answers is no longer necessary, Beloved. Oneness is what is. Happiness is declared. The deal is sealed.

Oneness can’t be taken apart. There is nothing insular about Oneness. There is no way to slice Oneness open. In the eyes of the poet, no man is an island.

Furthermore, no God is an island unto Himself. Secrets do not exist. Love is no secret. Love abounds, and naught but love exists. What have you imagined Oneness was cooked up to be if not love?

What do you think happiness is anyway? Happiness is of the greatest simplicity, and happiness is built into the Oneness of One. There is nothing to look up. Oneness is! Naught but you and I exist as One, of course.

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