How The US Took On The Mafia Running International Soccer: It Started With The FBI Looking Into Russian Organized Crime And A Tip From Former British Spy Christopher Steele

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How the US Took On the Mafia Running International Soccer
Written by Mike LaSusa – JULY 13, 2018
The 2018 World Cup is about to end. But the case that unveiled a massive criminal conspiracy involving the international soccer organization FIFA is still ongoing.

On July 10, the same day France beat Belgium 1 to 0 to advance to the final, a Florida-based sports marketing company pleaded guilty in a New York federal court to criminal charges related to millions of dollars worth of bribes paid to soccer officials across the Americas.

Prosecutors alleged [1] that the company, Imagina US, coordinated in 2012 with another sports marketing firm, Traffic USA, to bribe Jeffrey Webb, who at the time held high-ranking posts in FIFA as well as in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU).

Traffic had promised Webb a $3 million bribe for help obtaining the rights to…

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