Mandatory Flu Vaccination for Preschoolers Gets Green Light

June 28, 2018, the New York Court of Appeals unanimously ruled the New York city health department has the right to require annual flu vaccinations for children attending child care and preschool
June 26, 2018, the California state Senate Committee on Human Services passed AB 1992 on June 26 — a controversial bill that eliminates the personal belief vaccine exemption for families on welfare
Recent research found infectious influenza viruses in the exhaled breath of people who had gotten seasonal flu shots and contracted influenza.

Those vaccinated two seasons in a row shed a greater viral load of influenza A virus
According to the researchers, study results suggest there may be an association between flu vaccinations and the promotion of lung inflammation and increased shedding of influenza A viruses via breathing
Studies also show annual vaccination leads to reduced protection against influenza; each vaccination is likely to make you progressively more prone to getting sick from influenza

via Dr Mercola Flu Vaccination for Preschoolers Gets Green Light

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