Science Confirms Traditional Medicine!

When Science Confirms Traditional Medicine! | GreenMedInfo | Blog

Inadvertently, some of the very same companies and interests which would like for natural substances not to receive the same drug-approval status available to the synthetic ones, are funding research that prove basic vitamins, foods and spices are at least as effective, sometimes more effective, and often much safer and affordable than the drugs they are developing to replace or supplant them.

This means that tens of thousands of studies have already been performed demonstrating that natural substances may prevent and/or treat disease, at least in the test tube and animal models., contains close to 50,000 of these. What is even more amazing is that these scientific results often confirm the traditional uses for these natural substances in ancient Indian medicine, Chinese medicine, and countless other folk medicine traditions around the world. This can only make their use more compelling for individuals or healthcare practitioners, as folk medicine contains many thousands of years of tried and true human experience applying these substances to diseases – often with great success.

Over the course of the past few years of indexing, has been collecting studies that confirm the traditional use of a natural substance for medicinal purposes. This section is called “Science Confirms Tradition” and contains 43 studies.

via When Science Confirms Traditional Medicine! | GreenMedInfo | Blog