North Carolina Continuing Increase of Clean Solar Energy, Ranks 2nd In Nation For Installed Solar Capacity

According to the report, North Carolina ranks third for solar energy growth and second in the nation for installed solar capacity. This is largely thanks to economic policies encouraging investment into solar infrastructure in the state’s rural communities, which have helped the state consistently rank top ten in the nation over the last decade.

Director of Environment North Carolina Drew Ball says this overall growth is promising for the state’s clean energy future, as well as the rest of the county’s.

“We’ve seen an 87,670 percent increase over the last decade in the amount of electricity we get from the sun,” says Ball. “Considering that ten years ago, wind and solar produced about one percent of our electricity nationally, these numbers are pretty amazing. If they continue to increase at just a third of the rate they’ve grown nationally, wind and solar will provide enough power to meet America’s electricity needs by 2035.”

via Capelboro North Carolina Continuing Increase of Clean Energy