LSU Death Valley: An Entergy-River Bend Nuclear Disaster Could Make It Literal – Comment Deadline Monday 23rd July 10:59 PM CDT

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Comment Due Jul 23, 2018 11:59 PM ET (10:59 CDT). It is easy and can be anonymous: Comment is upon the US NRC’s Environmental Impact Statement for relicensing River Bend Nuclear Power Station near St. Francisville and Baton Rouge Louisiana from midnight August 29, 2025 to 2045. Include Docket ID NRC-2017-0141 in the subject line of your comment. Related:

At around 34 miles from River Bend Nuclear Power Station, LSU is well within the 50 mile fallout zone designated by the US government for a nuclear disaster, as seen on the map further below. Exactly where radioactive materials fall in a nuclear disaster depends upon things such as wind direction and rain. LSU had 30,863 students in 2017 and has over 16,000 faculty and staff. The smaller Southern University is even closer to River Bend. It had 6,508 students in Fall 2017 and 1,600 faculty and staff. There…

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