The Heart is Not a Technological Construct

The Heart is Not a Technological Construct – Karma Yoga Daily

The heart is not a technological construct. It operates on a wavelength which is critical to the flowering of our spiritual path. It responds to a Universal rhythm of which man is an integral part and which is every individual’s birth-rite. Had we been consciously operating on this heart and spirit led frequency over the past centuries, mankind and planet Earth would not be in the perilous psycho-physical state of imbalance it is in today.

If all technology had been kept to largely benign and human scale proportions, it would have been inconceivable to have come up with weapons of mass destruction our nations arm themselves with today; or indeed the uranium fuelled nuclear power stations that provide their fissionable materials.

As we stand today – at the eleventh hour of our demise or possible reprieve – these issues stand starkly in front of us. Something has to give.

The rapidly approaching threat of a WiFi 5G roll-out, with its violent, volatile microwave transmissions tuned to almost exactly the same wave length as the human neocortex, must serve as the red line technology that simply cannot be allowed to happen. For it quite literally cannot be tolerated by our living organism: physically, psychologically, mentally or spiritually.

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