A School Friend from the Old Days, A Lost Connection

An Old School Friend from the Old Days | Heavenletters

Once upon a time, you were highly connected to life. You thought life was very much a part of you. You were certain you were on and on about the Universe. Now you wonder what daze you are in. Something happened or didn’t happen that was supposed to. You’re not sure what. Hmm. You don’t know what to make of it. Did someone forget to wind the clock? Was it you?

Do birds continue to sing? Do flowers blossom, and is honey sweet on the tongue? Do bees still make honey? Do grapes still grow on the vine? Where does Nature abide these days? What happened to making sense? Has it been put on a forgotten shelf? Is something amiss, or are you the only one who wonders? You can’t even find yourself. You must be looking in the wrong place. Are you misbegotten, or it is the world that has turned upside down? You wonder if it even matters at all what is what. Perhaps you will come across yourself tomorrow or the next day and meet yourself waiting at a bus stop somewhere like an old school friend you long to meet once again from long across the desert sands.

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