Be the Truth of Yourself as I Say You Are | Heavenletters

Be the Truth of Yourself as I Say You Are | Heavenletters

Truth is dawning on you. The sun always dawns. This isn’t conceit. This is acknowledging truth. Truth can no longer be hidden. Finally, it is for you to parlay truth once and for all. Don’t be shy to reveal your infinite glory.

You are My pride and joy. As you reveal yourself, you reveal Me. I am to be known, and so are you. Not one more masked ball are you to attend, Beloved. I won’t hear of it.

From now on, truth is be known right and left.

Sometimes I have wondered how you have gotten away with this disguise for so long as you have. It would be easier for you to reveal your clean slate than try to patch your disguise up. It’s easier to wear true colors than to pretend anything less. Yes, now you come into the light of wondrousness you always have been yet kept hidden in case you would be found out. No longer are you to keep your Self hidden in plain sight.

Let Us begin at the beginning. At first, a baby was born, and the whole world celebrated the baby’s birth, and the magi came, or the birth was equally celebrated in different ways in other lands and perhaps at other times. Thus began a celebration of the birth of full-blessed Oneness.

You are becoming known for the joyousness you truly are, non-negotiable.

Hark, the herald angels are singing. Hallowed be Thy name that the herald angels sing for the pure joy of it.

You are beginning to get the hang of Oneness. About time, I say. Time is not, yet wondrousness is, and you are wondrousness. I declare this in My Name and in thine. No longer do you keep secrets – not even from yourself. Rather, you recognize all. Now we come to the end of secrets and any occasion to pretend that you or anyone else is less than I say you are. Can you believe that once upon a time, you tried to pretend away your Oneness? No more cover-ups. Truth is declared all over the world from the mountaintops for the pure truth and love of Oneness Supreme.

Day by day, truth shines, sun shines, and hearts circle the world in joy for all to partake of as you would a royal picnic. All are invited. All are asked to RSVP. All are asked to accept, and all are to graciously attend!

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